Lovely Amethyst Body Soap

Lovely Amethyst Body Soap

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An unique blend of glycerin and cold process soap shows a window of soap amethyst embeds.

Scented profile: 

Infused with orange and grapefruit essential oils

Apple, Peach, Grapefruit

Cherry Blossom, Hydrangea 



You will get approximately 5oz of body soap. Weight per bar varies. 

** This bar will not be fully cured for use until 2/21/21

What does this mean?

The bar needs to sit in a dry ventilated area (shelf or even sock/underwear drawer for good smelling undergarments!) until the cure date. This allows the water to evaporate from the soap bar and makes the bar hard and last longer.

Can I use it before the cure date?

-Absolutely! Just understand that if the bar is not fully cured it may “disappear down the drain” a little faster than a cured bar.